Sunday, April 29, 2007

Injury forces Nebraska runner to put cross-state run on hold

As I blogged last week, Girls and Boys Town employee Scott Hastings is attempting to run 480 miles across Nebraska. But there is bad news, an injury of an undetermined nature has forced Giddings to temporarily abandon his run. He was roughly half-way into his journey, at the town of Hastings in the south-central part of the state, when he decided to put the run on hold, and head to Omaha where he lives.

From Giddings' blog:

Just before leaving Hastings for Omaha tonight, I received a package of letters from some Girls and Boys Town kids. The timing was perfect considering I was heading for home in a matter of minutes and the reason why. For a guy who has spent the better part of today thinking I am letting people down, the letters only helped to strengthen my resolve to finish what I started. They also showed me once again, just how important the work is that is being done at Girls and Boys Town. I continue to be humbled by our roles in this world and just what it is that we are here for.

This is not a failure and I am not quitting, of that you can be sure.

Thank you to everyone who has shown such support and encouragement to this point. I hope you will stay in touch for more information on the completion of the run. Please, if you do nothing else, continue to follow the mission of Girls and Boys Town and if you are in Omaha, stop by the campus and see for yourself first hand the work that is being done.

The man ran 232 miles in a little more than a week. Well done, any way you look at it.

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