Monday, April 30, 2007

Britain: One church closes, one mosque opens

With the news today that five Muslim men--all British citizens--were sentenced to life in prison today for their role in a fertilizer bomb plot, this excerpt from an April 29 Islam Online article bears noticing:

Some 1700 Church of England churches alone have closed since 1969.

According to the umbrella Muslim Association of Britain there are nearly 1600 mosques across Britain.

It's safe to say most of those mosques weren't there in 1969. Islam Online is not always the most reliable source of information, but I'm willing to take their word for it this time.

Yes, there are other Christian faiths in Britain besides the "C of E," but by any account, with the possible exception of the Roman Catholic Church, church membership and church attendance is plummeting in the UK. I've read numerous times that more Muslims attend weekly religious services in Britain than Christians.

The following passage comes from Mark Steyn, from his latest book, America Alone:

If there was ever a time for a strong voice from the heart of Christianity, this would be it. And yet most mainline Protestant churches are as wedded to the platitudes du jour as the laziest politician.

A Muslim Britain or Europe isn't automatically a bad thing. But an extremist, Wahhabi influenced form predominant there would be.

Are the fertilizer plotters and the 7/7 bombers aberrations? Or the tip of the iceberg?

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