Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jesse Jackson expands the family business

More on yesterday's Chicago elections: On Chicago's South Side, the 7th ward has a new alderman, Sandi Jackson, wife of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., and of course the daughter-in-law of the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Three months ago longtime member of the Chicago's City Council, William Beavers resigned his aldermanic seat and moved to a place on the Cook County Board. In true Chicago fashion, he passed his seat on to his daughter, Darcel.

(Yes, I'm aware that Mayor Richard M. Daley appointed Ms. Beavers to that seat, but of all the 60,000 residents of the ward, Darcel just happened to be his choice.)

The Rainbow/Push Organization, as well as $200,000, helped Ms. Jackson crush the Beavers machine yesterday.

Sandi is the first Jackson in-law to become an elected official. Her husband of course is a Democratic congressman representing much of Chicago's South Side.

Other prominent Jacksons include Jesse Sr. sons Jonathan and Yusef. The two own River North Distributing, which has a monopoly on Anheuser-Busch products on Chicago's North Side. The deal to purchase River North pretty much fell on their lap because of who their father is. Oh, they deny it, but no reasonable person believes them.

Years before the purchase, Anheuser-Busch was a target of an Operation Push boycott.

Now is the time to begin keeping an eye on Jesse's grandchildren.

One apple from the Jackson tree has gone bad, however. Half-brother Noah Robinson is serving a life-sentence for racketeering, murder-for-hire, and drug-trafficking. Robinson was a cohort of Jeff Fort, leader of what was Chicago's most violent street gang, the El Rukns. Fort's locked up for life too.

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