Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tonight in Chicago: Klocek and Horowitz speak at DePaul

I'm leaving soon for DePaul University's Lincoln Park campus for tonight's forum with author David Horowitz and free speech champion Thomas Klocek.

From a TC Public Relations press release:

Tonight, for the first time since his suspension, Thomas Klocek will return to the school that silenced him. He will speak on the role of free speech at Catholic universities. Klocek will be joined by researcher, author and conservative activist David Horowitz. The event will take place tonight at 7:00 PM at DePaul’s Cortelyou Commons at 2324 North Fremont Street in Chicago.

Announcements calling for those who oppose Klocek and Horowitz to show up to tonight’s event have appeared online, including this morsel:

New World Resource Center, a far-left book store announces the event on their calendar and invites readers to, "Greet the noted rightwing lunatic (Horowitz)."

Members of the DePaul Conservative Alliance and event organizer Nicholas Hahn tells us of several reports of Islamic and far-left groups planning to attend en masse. It is unknown how they will respond to the forum.

(That's why I'm taking the "el" to DePaul, instead of driving. I don't want some nut to slash the tires on my car.

Please feel free to contact Ian of TC Public Relations at or 312-422-1333.

Horowitz is an author of many books, including the soon-to-be-released Indoctrination.

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UPDATE 4:40PM: Freedom Folks will be there too.

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