Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tony Blair's Miami Beach stay at Robin Gibb's house not free says Gibb's bisexual-Druid wife

If you can't trust the bisexual wife of a pop has-been who also happens to be a bisexual Druid priestess, then there is no one you can believe in.

From London's Times newspaper:

The riddle over Tony Blair’s controversial winter vacation deepened yesterday as Downing Street tried to fight off accusations that the Prime Minister had accepted a free holiday at the palatial Miami home of the pop star Robin Gibb.

The latest Blair family holiday rumpus descended into near-farce as Downing Street and the former Bee Gees star’s wife, Dwina, gave very different accounts of who was paying for the holiday.

Downing Street insisted that the Blairs were paying their way, while Mrs Gibb, a bisexual Druid priestess from Northern Ireland, undermined their defence by insisting that no money was changing hands. "It’s a friendly arrangement," she told one newspaper.

The mystery intensified further as Downing Street hinted that Mrs Gibb didn't know what she was talking about, and that a "private commercial agreement" had in fact been made with Mr Gibb’s manager, John Campbell.

I'm backing the priestess' account.

The last words belong to Robin Gibb, who says his marriage is "totally open. We like to cruise and we like to watch."

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