Friday, December 01, 2006

Obama to take AIDS test today, but what about his smoking habit?

Obama-mania has hit the country hard and with full force. Later today, in front of members of a California mega-church, Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), will take an AIDS test alongside Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS).

As I pointed out last month, this is believed to be Obama's third AIDS test. Blogger Anna of A Rose By Any Other Name did point out to me that a second AID test with 90 days--Obama's last AIDS test was in Africa three months ago, I still believe--the importance of AIDS testing among the general public notwithstanding--that Obama's AIDS test today borders on being a publicity stunt.

AIDS is a serious health issue. So are the diseases and deaths that come from smoking cigarettes. Did you know Barack Obama is a smoker?

Yep, and not just on that link, but he smokes in this Maureen Dowd column, and on this Democrats Underground thread.

Smoking cigarettes leads to many health problems, as most even semi-intelligent people know. These ailments include various cancers, emphysema (which killed my grandfather), and heart disease. Second hand smoke can cause lung cancer and other respiratory problems for non-smokers. Fires caused by cigarettes, based on who you talk to, cause anywhere from one-quarter to one-third of all fire fatalities in the United States.

So, Senator Obama? In addition to that AIDS test you're taking today, how about vowing in front of that church audience that you're going to quit smoking?

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