Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mayor Daley will endorse Obama for president in '08

For only the second time in Mayor Richard M. Daley's long tenure as Chicago's chief executive, he will make an early endorsement of a Democratic hopeful for president.

In 1998, Daley was quick to endorse Al Gore in his run for the top job. Now Daley says he'll back Obama in his presumed quest for the White House.

There is a common thread between these endorsements: Daley's brother Bill, the former commerce secretary. Bill Daley later became the campaign chairman for Gore's ill-fated 2000 campaign. And earlier this week, brother Bill signed on as a senior adviser for the unofficial Obama campaign.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Here you have not only an Illinoisan, but a Chicagoan who is a major contender for the highest office in the land. . . . When in our history have we ever had a favorite son this close to [the White House]? Why not get on board early?" said a Daley confidant, who asked to remain unnamed. "Hillary Clinton has been a great senator, a wonderful civic leader. But logic dictates that a Chicago mayor would be behind the Chicagoan who has taken the world by storm. Beyond that, this man has tremendous potential. The world sees that. It stands to reason that the mayor sees it."

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