Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Judicial Watch cites Obama and Hillary on its "Corrupt Politicians" list

Two Democratic presidential hopefuls, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, were cited by the watchdog group Judicial Watch in its annual list of corrupt politicians. Hillary Rodham Clinton made JW's list of "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" of 2006.

Here is HRC's entry:

January 2006, Hillary Clinton’s fundraising operation was fined $35,000 by the Federal Election Commission for failing to accurately report more than $700,000 in contributions to Clinton’s Senate 2000 campaign. New information also surfaced in 2006 raising more questions about Hillary and her brother Anthony Rodham’s connection to the Clinton Pardongate scandal, where presidential pardons were allegedly traded in exchange for cash and other favors.

And Barack Obama made the list of "Dishonorable Mentions."

News reports surfaced in 2006 that Illinois Senator Barak Obama entered into an unusual land deal with a now-indicted political fundraiser, Tony Rezko. The complicated real estate transaction occurred when it was widely known that Rezko was under federal investigation in a political corruption scandal.

For those of you who view Judicial Watch as a "right-wing attack" dog, several Republicans were "honored" by JW this year.

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