Friday, December 22, 2006

Glenn & Helen Show podcast: A Martha Stewart and Sarbanes Oxely Christmas

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit and his wife, Dr. Helen Smith, interview Joan Hemingway, editor of the book Martha Stewart's Legal Troubles. Calling in is an author of one of the chapters in the book, Ellen Podgor.

The four talk about the uniqueness and possible unfairness of the prosecution of the home-perfection diva. They also openly question the soundness of the Sarbanes-Oxely bill, a law that is generally despised in the business world--auditors excluded--and how the tone of Sarbox and similar laws is that it seems to criminalize everything.

At the end of the podcast there is a great, politically correct, but tongue in cheek holiday song by Audra and the Antidote.

The podcast is sponsored by Volvo Cars US.

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