Friday, November 17, 2006

Pajamas Media's Glenn & Helen Show podcast: Popular Mechanics and New Media

Angela Diegel and David Dunbar of Popular Mechanics online edition were in Knoxville recently, and Glenn Reynolds and Dr. Helen Smith of course invited them to Calhoun's Restaurant to tape the latest edition of the Glenn & Helen Show.

(How did I miss this place when I was in eastern Tennessee last month?)

I listened to the podcast during my morning run yesterday, and what I learned was that as a 21st century male, I'm not alone in my "Mr. Fixit" ineptitude. I thought it was just me, but earlier generations of males were more mechanically inclined than the present crop of men. Without abandoning the print edition of the venerable magazine, Popular Mechanics hopes to help out the seemingly hopeless--someone like myself--via the web site to make me a handyman.

Of course, aspiring handywomen are welcome at Popular Mechanics.

Listen or download here. The podcast is sponsored by Volvo Cars US.

Free subscriptions to Pajamas Media Politics Central podcasts are available at the iTunes web site.

Some earlier Glenn & Helen podcasts are available here.

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