Monday, October 30, 2006

Outrage over Bill Maher Halloween costume: A wounded Steve Irwin

Comedian Bill Maher caused some outrage over the weekend by dressing up as Steve Irwin--wearing bloodstained khakis complete with stingray barb.

That's Maher pictured at a weekend party.

According to Australia, a California alternative newspaper is even making fun of the late crocodile hunter's eight year-old daughter.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper recently published an article entitled Great Bad Ideas for Halloween Costumes, with the No.1 suggestion a Crocodile Hunter outfit.

The article came with an illustration of Irwin with a stingray on his chest.

"Kids and grown-ups alike will stare you down with white-hot horror when you strut around in your khaki ensemble with a pissed-off sea creature piercing your chest," wrote Cheryl Eddy and Kimberly Chun.

"Too soon? Hell, no. If Irwin's eight-year-old can get her own Discovery Kids television show, you can certainly make sport of her nature-loving pop's freaky demise.

Here's the link to the San Francisco Bay Guardian article.

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