Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Chicago mayoral election poll: Daley leads Jesse Jr. by a wide margin

Despite continuing fallout over the Hired Truck Scandal, as well as controversies over the bulldozing of Meigs Field, the big-box-living-wage ordinance, and the overwhelming stench of graft emanating from City Hall, Mayor Richard M. Daley holds a commanding lead over Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. according to the latest ABC 7 Chicago/Daily Herald Poll.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. is expected to challenge Daley for the coveted fifth floor City Hall office. Daley, who has been Chicago's mayor since 1989, is expected to run for re-election. Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown is the only officially announced candidate for the February election.

According to the poll, in a head to head match up with Junior, Daley has the support of 66 percent of Chicago voters, Jackson garners only 25 percent. The rest are undecided.

Chicago uses a run-off system in its elections. If no candidate achieves 50 percent of the vote in the first tally, the top two face each other two months later in a second contest.

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