Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bears beat Vikings in field goal fest

In the early days of the old NFC Central--before Tampa Bay was added to the division--the Central was nicknamed the "Black and Blue Division." Games between the teams were known for tough defensive battles with low scores.

The Central is now known as the NFC North, and Tampa Bay was sent to the new NFC South, where they belong.

Two Black and Blue Division veterans, the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings, faced off today in a game that featured hard hitting, sacks, and a low final score--but a lot of field goals, four three pointers by the Bears, three for the Vikes. The final score was 19-16, with the visiting Bears on ending up on top.

The Vikings were leading late in the game, until Bears tackle Tommie Harris forced a Vikings fumble that led to the only touchdown scored either offense today, a 24-yard touchdown pass from Bears quarterback Rex Grossman to wide receiver Rashed Davis.

The Vikings fell to 2-1 for the season. The Bear are now 3-0, with all three wins coming against their NFC North foes.

It was the first Bears victory in Minneapolis in five years.

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