Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mayor Daley to veto "big box" ordinance?

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley just might veto the "big box living wage" ordinance. If he does, it'll be his first veto in his 17 years as mayor.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Mayor Daley didn't reveal if he will veto the city's new big-box ordinance Saturday, but he said the fight over the controversial "living-wage" law will continue.

"I've got time. We'll see. You'll see," Daley said.

The City Council voted Wednesday 35-14 in favor of requiring Wal-Mart and other retail giants to pay their employees a "living wage" of at least $10 an hour and $3 in benefits by 2010.

Daley said the ordinance would be most detrimental to the city's minorities because it could drive away businesses and jobs for teenagers

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