Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Christian mouthpiece for Iranian gov't writes Pope denouncing Israel

Hoo boy, another crappy article from the Tehran Times!

Here is today's entry:

Jonathan Betkellia, who represents Iran’s Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in the Majlis, has written a letter to Pope Benedict XVI denouncing Israel’s brutal attacks on the Lebanese nation, a report released by the Majlis media department said on Tuesday.

Betkellia, who is also the director of the Asian branch of the World Union of Assyrians, called for efforts to relieve the Lebanese nation from the Zionist assaults.

"Jesus Christ has said share your neighbor’s sorrow and pain … today, the Zionist regime has launched barbaric attacks on Lebanon following the massacre it carried out in Gaza. By bombing a land which has suffered long years of war, Israel has caused insecurity, destruction and massacre in Lebanon."

Iran's constitution sets aside a few parliamentary seats for non-Muslims. That same constitution, a blueprint for a lazy-susan system of Islamofacism, also proscribes the death penalty for Muslims who change religions--even to Christianity, something left out of Betkillia's letter.

Of course, that letter may have been written for him, with the "suggestion" that he sign his name to it.

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