Sunday, June 25, 2006

June 25, 1876: The Battle of Little Big Horn

George Armstrong Custer's daring success--some say luck--as a cavalry officer--ended abruptly on a 100 degree day 130 years ago on the plains of eastern Montana near the Little Big Horn River.

About 6,000 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors killed 263 soldiers from Custer's 7th Cavalry, including Custer.

I visited the battlefield site in 2001, the photograph is from my personal collection. The inscription on the marker reads "U.S. Soldier 7th Cavalry Fell Here, June 25, 1876."

The Little Big Horn National Monument and Cemetery is located just a mile or so off of Interstate 90. If you're driving from the Midwest to Seattle, it's a must-see.

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UPDATE 4:20 PM CDT: Michelle Malkin reminds her readers that today is the 10th anniversary of the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 US airmen.

UPDATE 6:30pm CST: Try Works, the Ward Churchill supporting blog that's had a few unkind words for me in the last six months, has an MP3 of the Johnny Cash song, Custer, available. It's a pretty good song, although the "Boy General" wouldn't like it.

Try Works has their purpose.

In that light I purchased the first posthumous Johnny Cash CD on previously unreleased material, Personal File, which I will review soon.

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