Friday, April 28, 2006

Wow man, Lollapalooza organizers give out rolling papers at press conference

Reporters attending a Lollapalooza press conference yesterday were offered rolling papers promoting the alternative music festival. Photo courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times.

The event took place on Chicago Park District property. Earlier this year, Chicago passed a stringent anti-smoking ordinance.

I suppose a few people out there still roll their own cigarettes, but of course, rolling papers are made--and marketed--to marijuana smokers.

Charlie Jones is Lollapalooza's producer, and as the Sun-Times points out, Charlie didn't know what the fuss was about when a reporter questioned the appropriateness of the freebie-doobie papers.

Is there something wrong with them?

Then he cleaned the cobwebs out of his brain:

Later, Jones phoned the Chicago Sun-Times with a mea culpa, calling the rolling papers "a horrible mistake.''

"It's not the way we want to be represented,'' said Jones, adding that the papers were created as "a joke." Lollapalooza is "very family friendly. . . . This is not what we're about.''

Well, now that he explained things, I'm bringing my nine year-old to Lollapaloooza.

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