Sunday, April 30, 2006

News you probably missed: Lithuania may send troops to Afghanistan

Since my wife is a native of Latvia, I try to check in at the Baltic Times web site. This evening I found a very interesting story that's gone unnoticed. The little nation of Lithuania might be sending troops to Afghanistan.

From that publication:

Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus, the supreme commander of the Armed Forces, says he would not hesitate to send servicemen of the Lithuanian Special Operations Force to a future counter-terrorism mission in Afghanistan, (Baltic News Service) reported.

"We will without a doubt meet international commitments of our armed forces," Adamkus told journalists on April 27.

A squadron of the Lithuanian Special Operations Force might be sent to the US-led anti-terrorist operation Enduring Freedom in eastern Afghanistan in the second half of this year. Lithuanian commandos already participated in the operation in 2002-2004.

"We live in times when terrorism may emerge any day in any place, and preparations are timely. Judging from assessments that I have heard, special units have been prepared perfectly," Adamkus said. "Coordination with other countries is necessary, and results are good," he added.

If Lithuania's president announced he was pulling troops out of Afghanistan, surely the mainstream media would have taken interest in that story.

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