Friday, April 28, 2006

New Pajamas Media Blog Week in Review podcast is up

Last week the first Pajamas Media Blog Week in Review came out. This week's edition is available here on the Pajamas web site.

Oh, the podcast is free!

I just got finished listening. High gasoline prices is the first topic of discussion, and the panelists agree that the partisan posturing over symbolic gestures is doing nothing to lower gas prices.

Tammy Bruce gets in the best line about high energy costs; she decries the "Jimmy Carter requirement being the answer... of putting on a sweater and putting up a solar panel."

Iraq, Iran, Tony Snow's new job, and the new film Flight 93 are also talked about in week two's show.

Austin Bay moderates: Michael Ledeen (filling in for Glenn Reynolds), and Eric Umansky are the other panelists. And Ed Driscoll is at the control board again. Ed sacrificed his own blogging time to get the podcast ready.

Did I mention the podcast is free?

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