Saturday, February 18, 2006

Not playing dead in Peoria: Cops ticket SUV three times with dead man inside

The Peoria Police must be quite vigilant in their ticket-writing. The cops in that central Illinois city probably all have carpal tunnel syndrome, based on the AP story below:

Police in Peoria now say three parking tickets and a tow-away sticker had been placed on the sport utility vehicle in which a dead man's body was found last week.

Officers confirmed yesterday that someone in the parking-enforcement division had issued the tickets and sticker to the SUV, which was parked illegally near Methodist Medical Center. The ticket writer did not see the body of 46-year-old Michael Hudson of Decatur inside the black Mercedes.

Hudson had been reported missing February Sixth, and his body was discovered in the back seat three days later when someone walked by and noticed a foot against the passenger-side, backseat window.

Will the estate of the deceased have to pay those parking tickets?

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