Monday, February 27, 2006

Marathon Pundit internet exclusive! DePaul refuses to run FrontPage Magazine's DTN ad in its school paper

UPDATE: I have no idea how some links went bad. It's fixed!

Chicago's DePaul University is at its favorite game again, stifling free speech. Marathon Pundit was informed this afternoon that DePaul backed out of an agreement to run the linked-below advertisement in the DePaulia, an owned and operated publication of DePaul.

Click here to see the ad that DePaul turned down.

Big thanks to Phil Haskett of for hosting the document.

FrontPage Magazine is on online publication, its editor-in-chief is noted author David Horowitz, whose latest book is The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America Horowitz is the braintrust behind the Academic Bill of Rights. Discover the Network also known as DTN, is a project of FrontPage.
Here is an excerpt of the ad copy of that DePaul refused:
In October 2005, DePaul University forbade its own students to protest a campus appearance by Ward Churchill. Churchill is known for blaming the World Trade Center victims for their own deaths, calling them "Little Eichmanns." DePaul's actions came about a year after it suspended Professor Thomas Klocek for engaging students in an academic debate.

Find out why DePaul is considered one of America's 100 most intellectually corrupt campuses. Visit the academia section of

Discover the Networks is a project of FrontPage Magazine.
For more on Thomas Klocek, click here on the FIRE site.

Also from FIRE, click here for more on DePaul's censoring of a student group protesting Ward Churchill.

For more on the controversial University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, read the Churchill Files from the Rocky Mountain News.

(This post slight revised at 9:55am Feb. 28, in order to clarify the relationship between FrontPage and Discover the Network.)

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