Friday, February 17, 2006

Hecklers greet Cindy Sheehan at Chicago college

Cindy Sheehan spoke at Chicago's St. Xavier University Thursday night. Her visit to the Southwest Side of Chicago was a spirited affair, but not in the ways Cindy--or St. Xavier--had hoped. Her speech was interrupted a few times by pro-war protesters.

From ABC 7 Chicago:

Supporters of the war staged their own demonstration outside of Shannon Hall. They sang "God Bless America."

"We believe in the men and women of our troops. We back our troops 100 percent," said one war supporter.

"Freedom doesn't come free," said one pro-war protestor. "You pay a price."

From a Marathon Pundit post earlier this month, here is a collection of irresponsible comments and writings that Cindy has made since she became "Mother Sheehan."

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