Thursday, January 26, 2006

Google: 1.3 billion Chinese can't be wrong

Yesterday Google launched its Chinese-government-approved search engine, Users of the Chinese Google service will have great difficulty finding information on such controversial topics as--well, controversial in China--human rights, Falun Gong, and the Dalai Lama.

Google justifies this kowtowing to Beijing as a positive, claiming that Chinese users of Google will be better off, since the Communist government's own efforts to block Google searches resulted in very slow response times for Google users there using the search engine to research any topic.

Now, with Google's help, search results, unless the term is "Chinese Democracy," will be much faster.

In the United States, Google portrays itself as a defender of free speech and an unbiased dispsenser of information. Last week it told the federal govermnent that it won't cooperate with a Justice Department request to hand over search results records involving porn sites.

The feds want this information to assist in their efforts to shield minors from porn.

But in China, Google sings another tune on internet searches. It looks at those 1.3 billion consumers, and it's googley eyes turn into dollar signs.

Not too many people call mainland China "Red China" anymore. Google just might as well call it "Green China."

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