Monday, January 23, 2006

Could this be a trend? Illinois state rep wants to raise minimum driving age to 18

The age of 18 may become the minimum to drive in Illinois, if a bill recently proposed by a state legislator becomes law, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting this morning.

Currently Illinois allows 15 year-olds to obtain a learner's permit, and a license to drive at 16, provided those teens are enrolled in a certified driving instruction course.

John D'Amico, a state representative from Chicago, wants to raise the minimum age for getting a learner's permit to 17--which would be the nation's highest. Only when turning 18, if D'Amico's bill becomes law, will young Illinoisans be able to apply for a driver's license.

Late last year, two teens were killed in a one car accident in D'Amico's district. The driver, who was one of the fatalities, was 16--his vehicle hit a light pole.

That accident led D'Amico to sponsor the bill. Says the state rep:

It's two more years of maturity. I think at 16, we're just not ready to be behind a wheel of a car.

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