Wednesday, December 21, 2005

News you missed: Vice President Cheney to lead coup in Iraq

Thank heaven for the Tehran Times. After all, even the New York Times overlooks important stories such as Dick Cheney's coup plotting.

I'm sure the folks at Democratic Underground will take this claim quite seriously.

From the esteemed Tehran Times:

During his meeting with the leaders of Arab regional countries, Cheney convinced them to recognize a government that would assume power in Iraq after a coup.

Therefore, it is quite certain that the U.S. vice president had taken the preparatory measures in Baghdad to stage a coup with the help of former Baath leaders, some members of Iraq’s minority communities, and Allawi.

The U.S. wants to stage a coup before withdrawing from Iraq in order to establish a secular government with Arab nationalist tendencies led by Allawi that would oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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