Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More Klocek: Ill. AAUP writer speaks out on the former DePaul prof

The Thomas Klocek news (I have two prior posts) is coming in bunches today. A tipster sent me this article, from the Illinois Chapter of the American Association of University Professors. The article is by John K. Wilson, it's there on the site, you just have to scroll down a bit.

An excerpt from A Tale of Two Professors Under Attack at DePaul:

The DePaul administration accuses Klocek of ‘threatening and unprofessional behavior,’ although it never specified any threats made by Klocek. AAUP guidelines protect extramural speech of all academics, including adjunct instructors. Removing an instructor for an argument outside of class is a violation of due process, and firing him is even worse. Extramural comments are only subject to punishment if they indicate professional misconduct, and hostile arguments may be unpleasant but certainly do not rise to that standard.

Although some critics point to Klocek’s firing as an example of political correctness, it primarily reflects the powerlessness of adjunct faculty and the corporatization of colleges where students are seen as customers and those who offend them will be removed.

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