Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Chicago Tribune article on Thomas Klocek

Ron Grossman of the Chicago Tribune has written an excellent piece on Thomas Klocek and his free speech struggle with Chicago's DePaul University. Outside of ABC 7 Chicago, the local media until now has ignored this compelling story of political correctness gone out of control.

That article is here. Free registration may be required.

Since his suspension and de facto firing from DePaul after attempting to have a discussion about Israel in front of some Muslim students, Klocek's financial situation has gone from uncertain to frightening.

One thing I didn't know about Klocek, his father was a Chicago bridgetender. My maternal grandfather was too.

A few excerpts from that article:

Meanwhile, Klocek does what he long has -- eke out an adjunct's living. Just before 6 p.m., he parked the car at Daley College. Sensing the handful of students in his first class hadn't done the assignment, Klocek had them read it aloud. He has learned to cut a little slack for young people who come to class after a day's work.


Some newfound friends have turned his predicament into a demonstration of Karl Marx's proposition that history repeats itself: first as tragedy, a second time as farce. In his case, both are playing simultaneously.


"I'm not the ideal poster boy," Klocek said. "But freedom of speech is a cause worth fighting for."

I'll have more on Klocek and DePaul later today.

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