Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DownLeft: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich booed, pelted with garbage by White Sox fans

Yes, this is the same Rod Blagojevich who said he wouldn't wear a White Sox hat even if they were in the World Series.

According to a DownLeft Blog tipster, Blago was not greeted warmly on a chilly Game 1 night on Chicago's South Side.

DownLeft reports:

Our beleaguered "governor" sure doesn't know when to quit....what else is new?A downleft tipster witnessed Blago's arrival to Comiskey (That's US Cellular Field for all you Sox Bandwagon Jumpers) for Game1 on Saturday night.

Upon jumping out of his black suburban surrounded by his entourage Blago decided to do some gladhanding. Things were going pretty well until some real people recognized him.

He was quickly surrounded by a crowd which began booing him...This escalated to the crowd actually pelting him with various objects. While being ushered away by his state police detail a fumbling Blago yelled "At least I didn't raise your Taxes!"..which was met by more boos and jeers from the growing crowd.

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