Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Local GOP offers cash reward for Mayor Daley conviction

From Andy Shaw of ABC 7 Chicago, an excerpt:

Cook County republicans are offering a $10,000 reward to a whistleblower with the information that leads to the indictment and conviction of the mayor on corruption charges.

The $10,000 reward is part of a larger effort to fight corruption at city hall. This comes as mayor Daley is being sued for allegedly violating The Shakman Decree that prohibits political favoritism from playing a role in the hiring of government employees.

The mayor says he didn't know that city hiring and promotion exams were being fixed to reward political allies. But a Chicago attorney who's been fighting political hiring at city hall for decades doesn't believe Daley. And he wants the mayor held in contempt of court. The chairman of the Cook County Republican Party is going a step further. By offering a reward for information that helps put the mayor behind bars.

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