Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chicago Jewish Star reports on Klocek, the "instructor who stood up for Israel"

The Chicago Jewish Star is a free bi-weekly newspaper which does not have an online edition. A tipster faxed me a copy of the article from the May 12-25 edition, penned by Gila Wertheimer, the Star's associate editor.

It does a good job summarizing the story, but it adds a few new details. Among them, it quotes Professor Thomas Klocek's attorney, John Mauck, who told the Jewish Star "We are definitely going ahead" with the lawsuit against DePaul, adding he hoped to do that "in a week or so."

In what seems to be a dismissive sneer against the impending lawsuit, DePaul Assistant VP for Public Relations Denise Mattson, according to the Jewish Star, claimed the Mauck has threatening DePaul since early March with the suit.

The "spin" from the DePaul PR machine is rehashed in that article, in other words Mattson's claim that Klocek "displayed threatening and unprofessional behavior." But DePaul Math professor Jonathan Cohen--Klocek's biggest on-campus supporter--is quoted extensively.

Cohen wrote this pro-Klocek letter to the DePaulia, the unedited letter is here on Marathon Pundit.

The final words belong to Professor Klocek, again quoted from the Chicago Jewish Star.

"I stood for Israel, because it is in the right. I paid the price at a Christian University."

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