Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sign the online petition: In Support of Free Speech at DePaul

Hat tip to Betsy's Page and Findory.

To: DePaul University

Whereas we the undersigned believe that academic institutions have an obligation to promote and encourage the free exchange of diverse ideas and opinions on controversial matters;

And whereas, after examining various accounts regarding the circumstances surrounding the unpaid suspension of DePaul Professor Thomas Klocek, we believe that he was punished primarily because of the content of opinions he expressed on a controversial subject;

And whereas we believe that his due process rights, including his right to an open, comprehensive hearing on the charges against him, his right to confront his accusers, and his right to academic freedom were completely ignored and flouted by DePaul University;

We the undersigned:

Call upon DePaul University to immediately and unconditionally reinstate Professor Klocek to his teaching position, and to convene an impartial hearing on any allegations against him, to be held by a group of independent First Amendment experts representing a variety of outlooks that reflect the views of the community as a whole.

2. Call upon scholars and other individuals who value the First Amendment and academic freedom to refrain from making monetary contributions to DePaul University, visiting the university, or attending any events involving the university until the above conditions are met.

3. Urgently request that organizations such as the ACLU and the American Association of University Professors that claim to support freedom of speech and academic freedom for all individuals regardless of their viewpoints, immediately speak out on behalf of the rights of Professor Klocek.


The Undersigned

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