Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Manchester Union Leader shows DePaul Prof Klocek support!

Although it is a paper based in a small market in a small state, the Manchester (NH) Union-Leader is a very influential publication. In an opinion piece written by Jay Ambrose, writing about the "New McCarthyism" in America, he shows how this McCarthyism is making America an unhappy place. A place where a hard left professor such as Ward Churchill gets support from the liberals defending his right to free speech. Churchill claims among other things, that America is a fascist state, and the 9/11 victims pretty much deserved their fate.

But if that free speech does not play-along with left-think, even the crazy-left variety, then suddenly some individuals have fewer free speech rights than Ward Churchill. Such is the case the Harvard President Lawrence Summers and DePaul Professor Thomas Klocek. I've blogged about Dr. Klocek here, and I will continue to support his case. Read here and here about him.

And here is the Union-Leader article referenced above.

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