Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More election mischief in Wisconsin

Perhaps it was sloppy record keeping by Wisconsin election officials, or incompetence. Or worse. Still, the folks who scream Bush "stole" Ohio will probably not scream and yell about this story, or the prior one from Wisconsin.

From the Milwauke Journal Sentinel:

The number is a result of a detailed computer analysis by the Journal Sentinel of the city’s voter records and represents about 0.4% of the 277,535 ballots cast in the city in the hard-fought election. Some of the problems may be due to flawed record keeping, such as transposed digits or incorrect street names. Many others, however, cannot easily be explained.

The newspaper’s review, the most extensive analysis done so far of the election, revealed 1,242 votes coming from a total of 1,135 invalid addresses. That is, in some cases more than one person is listed as voting from the address. Of the 1,242 voters with invalid addresses, 75% registered on site on election day, according to city records.

While the number is not enough to have determined the outcome of the statewide presidential contest, the revelation prompted renewed criticism Monday by state Republicans and raised concerns at City Hall about how well records were kept on and after a frenzied election day.

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