Saturday, January 18, 2020

Pictures from the Women's March Chicago 2020 that you won't find in the mainstream media (contains graphic images)

It's back. The anti-Donald Trump Women's March. If you haven't already you'll see fawning coverage from the mainstream media, "journalism" that omits the crazies in attendance. And there were a lot of them today in downtown Chicago.

Okay, harmless stuff right? Being caricatured comes with the office of the presidency. Ask Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. But let's turn Orange Man around.

Yes, that says "Grab them by the pussy."

"Keep your policies off my body."

"Don't be a, well, whatever, just because u have one."

I mean, really, do you folks have to lower yourselves to sophomoric pictures and antics? And yes, there were children marching as well.

Quite a few Democratic politicians were supposed to be part of this march but the only one I was saw today was US Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

Comparing a politician to Adolf Hitler is never wise. "Germany had Eva Braun and we have Melania and Ivanka." Okay, by all historical accounts Eva Braun was a bit on the dim side. Melania Trump speaks five languages. As for the president's daughter, she's an astute business woman and a sharp political advisor. If you hate Trump, maybe you can be generous enough to say Ivanka takes after her mother.

Notice the pink pussy hat.

"Call me crazy but my idea of making America great always involved fewer Nazis."

Okay, if the president is a Nazi, he's a terrible one. Ivanka, of course who was compared to Eva Braun by the last protester, is married to an orthodox Jew. She converted to Judaism and Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are raising the children in the Jewish faith.

And after every president since Bill Clinton promised on the campaign stump to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Trump is the one who followed through.

Not a Nazi.

More Nazi stuff. "If you ever wondered what you would have done to fight the Nazis in WWII, you're doing it now."

There were street protests in Berlin when Hitler was in power? Do tell.

"Chicago check your climate racism." Global warming? Several inches of snow fell last night here. Behind here is a Chicago Streets and Sanitation salt truck.

Outside of the bile and obscenities you find at leftist rallies--staying on message is a problem for the liberals. It's been nearly 100 years since Chicago's had a Republican mayor. For decades Illinois' most powerful politician has been Boss Michael Madigan, the chairman of the state Democratic Party and the speaker of the Illinois house. If Chicago has climate racism who should we blame?

There were also signs for Black Lives Matter, refugee rights, and plenty of others about the environment. But this was the Women's March.

"No more coal." For men?

"Indigenous rights." Yes, this is a woman's march.

The E.R.A was the Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed change to the Constitution that Congress passed in 1972. Congress gave the states seven years to pass it--that deadline was extended by three years in the late 1970s. The requisite number of states didn't ratify it. Which makes the E.R.A, whatever you think of it, a dead letter. Recently three states have ratified it. Here's an idea: Re-submit the E.R.A again and start from scratch.

"Stop the Donald 2020. STD. Don't let the infection spread. Get out of our house." Trump as an STD? Sheesh.

More private parts. "Vagina brought you into this world and vagina will vote you out."

"No pussy control." Yes, he's wearing a pink pussy hat.

Hey here's a change of pace from pussies. "Public cervix announcement. Fuck you."

I never saw one profanity on a sign at the dozen or so tea party rallies I attended back in the good old days.

Yes, someone is with her. "This is my resisting bitch face."

And then it gets weirder. "Support sex workers?" Support them so they can leave it, I hope. A couple of weeks ago, near where I work, the body of a sex worker was discovered in a dumpster. She was strangled to death by one of her customers.

"Dump Trump." Yes, there is the Orange Man Bad as the lid of a toilet. With well, you see what is in the bowl.

"Suck my dick you sexist ass bitch." Really now. Is that humor? If so, it is not funny.


Cal Skinner said...

Certainly a reason we need citizen journalists!

John Ruberry said...

Thanks Cal!