Thursday, January 05, 2017

Chicago Tribune pushes racist Facebook hate crime to page 6

Media bias is alive and well in Chicago. A top news story is the vicious attack allegedly by four young blacks against a young white man on Chicago's West Side is top fare on Fox News, conservative talk radio, but in the Chicago Tribune Thursday's print edition the story was buried on page six of section one. Yep, page six.

The victim, a special needs person was beaten, slashed, bound and gagged, forced to drink toilet water, and was compelled to say "Fuck Donald Trump" and "Fuck white people."

Page six. This sad story belongs on the front page.

Here is more proof that real diversity is needed in newsrooms. Not just racial diversity, but newspapers such as the Tribune need to include reporters who didn't go to the same elite colleges, who regularly attend worship services, and who don't vote straight Democratic each general election.

The alleged attackers have been charge with kidnapping, hate crimes, and other offenses.

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Joe Wooten said...

who regularly attend worship services

I don't know if any of those guys ever go to church. After all, they don't want to rub shoulders with all those bitter clingers......