Saturday, June 04, 2016

Two wounded in Chiraq UAW hall shooting

UAW member in 2012
Chicago May Day Parade
As I remarked in my post-Memorial Day weekend carnage post, Chicago violence is spreading beyond the traditional bloodbath zones on the South and West Sides.

Such is the case with last night's shootings outside a UAW hall in Hegewisch on the Southeast Side near the Indiana border. Hegewisch is not another Englewood.

On the other hand, goonery is an organized labor tradition--even with internecine battles.

From ABC Chicago:
Police say two men were shot and injured outside a union hall at 136th and Torrence following a United Auto Workers 551 leadership election.

Witnesses say a small group of union members from the nearby Ford Plant was arguing about the election and its results, including one person who had a gun. Police say the two mem, ages 40 and 44, were shot in the parking lot shortly before 10 p.m.

The 40-year-old was shot in the left leg and the 44-year-old was shot in the right leg. Both men are expected to be okay.

An employee says the Ford plant was briefly on lockdown as police searched for the shooter.
The shooter is still at large.

UPDATE June 8: A south suburban man has been charged in the union hall shooting.

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