Monday, August 31, 2020

After laying off no city workers during lockdown, Lightfoot complains of Chicago's revenue shortfall

North Michigan Avenue in June
Mayor Lori Lightfoot will go down as the worst mayor in Chicago's history. Crime is out of control. Chicago's cash cow, the downtown area, accounts for 70 percent of the city's economic activity. This section of what is for now America's third-largest city was hit by two rounds of widespread looting this year.

Now Lightfoot says Chicago faces massive budget shortfalls.

Mayor Beetlejuice was one of the most enthusiastic mayors in America enforcing--over enforcing that is--the COVID-19 lockdown. Let's say she was right about the threat of the coronavirus--which she wasn't--but let's just say she was for now. All Chicago restaurants were closed for over two months this spring. Why not lay off all of Chicago's health inspectors? Air travel way down. How many municipal employees were furloughed this spring? What about the teachers in Chicago's schools who weren't teaching?

None, I repeat, none were laid off.


I know, there were union contracts that protected these workers, but Lightfoot told us this was an unprecedented time with unique challenges.

But Mayor Lightweight is a tool of the public-sector unions. She's afraid to cross them. Don't tell me she couldn't find a clause in their contracts to lay off city workers. She could have if she wanted to.

Now she says Chicago faces an $800 million budget gap for 2020 and $1.2 billion for 2021.

How did Lightfoot prepare for this predictable shortfall? Certainly not by laying off unneeded workers. Oh, I've lost jobs before. It sucks. Mrs. Marathon Pundit was laid off from her position in March. She won't be hired back. Little Marathon Pundit was furloughed for two months because of the coronavirus.

Why did Chicago need health inspectors for restaurants that were closed?

And this is just one example.

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Lenny said...

multiply that by about 100,000 other local, state, quasi and state government and it adds up to real money......