Monday, November 24, 2014

I&M Canal NHC at 30: Matthiessen State Park--River Area

My next post in my Illinois & Michigan National Heritage Corridor series will have a canal pic. But first there is some unfinished business at Matthiessen State Park, namely the River Area with is at the park's southern end.

Tallgrass prairies have fall colors too. I didn't have to walk far from the parking lot to nab this shot.

Of course the River Area has to have a river, and here it is, the Vermilion. Between Lowell and Matthiessen there is a whitewater stretch that is considered the best in Illinois.

This will be our last look at St. Peter sandstone in this series. Amazingly enough there are two Vermilion Rivers in Illinois. The source of both rivers is marsh near Roberts.

These are doll's eye berries. It's easy to see where the name comes from. These fruits, which I found on a patch on the way down to the Vermilion, are also known as white baneberries. They are highly toxic.

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