Monday, December 10, 2012

Class warfare: Chicago Teachers Union bedtime story video warns of "fat cats" and "the Rahminator"

In a video released yesterday, the Chicago Teachers Union turns up the intensity in the class warfare conflict they never want to end.

If this sounds familiar, it's because just last week the California Federation of Teachers cut a video with Monopoly-style bankers in it--who urinate on poor people.

Fortunately for the little ones, there is no peeing here.

In the five minute clip, a father reads a bedtime tale, "a scary story" called 'The Fat Cats' to his daughter. Did you know what happened "long long ago?" Dad tells his girl that "there were a bunch of fat cats running the schools back then."

"Even though they were making tons of money, they wanted more," he continues.

How? "So they forced the educators to work longer hours, take pay cuts, and move their students into unsafe buildings."


"Soon they started noticing that none of the money was going to the students though," dad explains, "Instead it was all going to the fat cats--making them even richer."

Who saves the day? The Chicago Teachers Union does of course.

But there is a "new evil fat cat," dad warns his girl--the Rahminator, abetted by "a whole litterbox of evil fat cats from all over the country."

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is more of a skinny meerkat in my opinion.

Back to the story:

Of course the CTU saves the day--"almost 10,000" teachers and protesters gathered in the Auditorium Theatre to fight back, dad says with glee. However, capacity of the historic theater is 3,929--so it's easy to understand why 80 percent of eighth graders at Chicago's unionized schools aren't proficient in math at their grade level. Reading scores are only slightly less awful.

"The fat cats are mean, I don't want them to ever win," the kid tells her dad.

This is a shameful video--one that is clearly designed to indoctrinate children and fool gullible adults.

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