Sunday, March 11, 2012

Video: Dick Morris lauds Kirk, slams Obama on Iran

Dick Morris spoke at a fundraiser for William J. Kelly last night at the Signature Room in the John Hancock Center in Chicago.

Kelly is a candidate for Republican committeeman in the city's 42nd Ward. He's on Morris' left early in my YouTube clip.

Much of what Morris had to say revolved around Illinois politics. As you will see in the video, the political analyst who regularly appears on Fox News, thinks highly of Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk.

Of Kirk, Morris said, "This man has done more to stop a second Holocaust than any other American by his actions against Iran. This man single-handedly showed the State Department and the [Obama] administration the sanctions that would work. They didn't care--they wouldn't impose them."

Morris added, "And then Kirk introduced legislation in the Senate--that passed--to require the president to sanction the Iranian central bank. And three months ago--kicking and screaming--[Obama] did that. And now they're passing legislation drafted by his office while he's ill, working on extending those sanctions to eliminate the loopholes of the other independent banks in Iran--which will totally cripple their economy."

Kirk's sanctions against Iran have taken on a life of their own, Morris explained. "And now Obama--having opposed the sanctions, having threatened to veto them, having not imposed them when he could have, is saying--'Oh, rely on those sanctions, that's what will stop Iran from going nuclear.'"

And that's not all Morris had to say on this subject.

"We have to understand that the reason Barack Obama doesn't want Israel to attack Iran." Morris concluded, "is not that he thinks that sanctions and diplomacy are going to work--but he thinks that an attack will destroy his reelection chances."

The legislation Morris referred to in my video is The Kirk-Menendez Amendment.

While the president talked tough about those sanctions at last week's American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference--without mentioning Kirk; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not only wished the ailing Kirk a speedy recovery at the same event, he called him "a great friend of Israel."

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