Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reagan centennial: Ronald Reagan Park in Tampico, IL

When the Reagans lived in Tampico, Illinois, Neil (Moon) and Ronald (Dutch) liked to play in what is now known as Reagan Park. Ronald was quite fond of the Civil War-era cannon that was melted down during a World War II metal drive.

Tampico, where the Gipper was born 100 years ago, is raising money to build a Reagan statue--the proposed design shows Dutch standing on top of that cannon.

When I visited Tampico two weeks ago I attempted to walk through Reagan Park--which was covered under almost two feet of snow. Besides the Reagan historical marker, there is a Civil War monument, which survived World War II because it is made of granite. While the cannon is gone, Reagan Park has a howitzer.

Click here to learn more about Tampico's Reagan statue--and to donate funds so it can be built.

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