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Iowa I Opener: Maharishi University of Management and Yogic Flyers fighting terrorism

Tower of Invincibility, in background
As I wrote in my last post in this series, followers of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi purchased bankrupt Parsons College in Fairfield in 1974 and founded Maharishi International University (MUM), which was later renamed Maharishi University of Management. Many of the old Parsons buildings were torn down because they didn't face the east, which meant they ran counter to the axis of the Earth and against Vedic Principles. Their listing on the National Register of Historic Places didn't perturb the enlightened ones.

The Maharishi, who died in 2008, is best known as the founder of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement. He was briefly the guru for the Beatles.

MUM may very well be in tune with the planet, but my Blackberry's GPS service had a heck of a time finding it. So I sought wisdom from a passerby--and he pointed me in the right direction.

Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome
It appeared to be New Student Week when I arrived on campus, so the students--many of them are older than students at other colleges--were in high spirits. Classes, examinations, and boredom hadn't worn them down yet.

What is taught at MUM? Consciousness-based education. And that is? "Consciousness-Based education," writes its president, Dr. Bevan Morris, "is unique in its ability to effectively develop the total brain potential of every student." In his spare time Morris is the prime minister of the Global Country of World Peace. More on that subject in my next, penultimate, post in this series.

About 1,200 students attend Maharishi University of Management. All students and faculty members are required to meditate for twenty minutes twice a day.

In the background on the upper left is MUM's Tower of Invincibility. On the right is the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome, which is where men meditate en masse at  MUM. Women use the Bagambhrini Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge. And just who are these people?, a fan site, explains:

America's peace keeping force and most effective counter terrorism operation with the largest group of Yogic Flyers, located near the center of the US population, Fairfield, Iowa.
It later declares, "Now is the time for all meditators to come to the aid of their country." They really believe Yogic Flying can halt terrorism. As for myself, I prefer the Patriot Act, carpet-bombing, and troops with M16 rifles. But we can count MUM as among our allies.

I meant to mention this in my last post: Marathoners know Fairfield because of MarathonFoto, which sends an army of photographers, such as the man in the neon vest on the lower right, to every major American marathon so runners can purchase keepsake pictures of their accomplishment. MarathonFoto is run by TM devotees.

Next: Maharishi Vedic City and the Global Country of World Peace

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