Monday, January 11, 2010

Richard Thomson: Beeswing

Richard Thompson began his long career with Fairport Convention in the late 1960s. Originally Britain's answer to the American Folk Rock movement, with their fourth album,Liege & Lief Fairport went further back into Folk's roots--the music of the British Isles.

Thompson left Fairport in 1971, recorded a solo album, then teamed up with his then-wife Linda Thompson for several brilliant albums, culminating in minor American hit Shoot Out The Lights in 1982.

But during the 1970s, the couple quite the music business for a couple of years, moving into a Sufi Muslim commune in England. Richard remains a Muslim.

The couple divorced after Shoot Out The Lights, and Richard recorded a bunch of solo albums, many of which leaned into the rock direction, such as 1994's Mirror Blue, from which the folkier "Beeswing" can be found, it sounds like it could have been written (sans some of the lyrics) in the 1700s.

Don't be fooled by this acoustic number; Thompson is perhaps the best electric guitarist you've never heard of. I've seen Thompson in concert about a half dozen times, solo and with a band. Each gig was memorable.

Thompson continues to tour.

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