Sunday, November 08, 2009

Marathon Pundit endorses Jim Ryan for Illinois governor

Lost amidst the Republican victories on Tuesday is that New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie and Virginia Governor-elect Bob McDonnell have one thing in common--both are former prosecutors.

Which is what Illinois needs in the governor's mansion--someone with a similar background, former state Attorney General Jim Ryan. Which is why he has my support in February's Republican primary.

After his first term as AG, Springfield's State Journal-Register described Ryan as "already one of the best attorney generals in state history."

A prosecutor is what we need to power-scrub Illinois. Born with a dedication to serve that goes back to his Catholic upbringing in Villa Park, Ryan is the only GOP gubernatorial candidate who has one a statewide election. He's lost too, most recently in 2002 when he was defeated (and outspent) by the disgraced Rod Blagojevich. About his losses: We've had our fill of cocky politicians in this state who think are beyond reproach. A bit of humility will be welcome in Illinois.

Understandably, Illinoisans want a break from the past and elect leaders with no ties to Springfield. But Ryan has not been active in politics since 2003; he returned to his alma mater, Benedictine University, where he served as a distinguished fellow.

But we need a guy who knows where to direct the powerscrubber.

And Ryan is up to the fight. His mother was an Italian immigrant and a housewife, his father a construction worker. The onetime Golden Glove champion fought his way to success--without the connections that greased the path for so many other politicians.

Ryan has overcome many personal tragedies, including three bouts with non-Hodgkin's large cell lymphoma cancer--he has been cancer free for seven years. His daughter Annie died at the age of 12 of an undetected brain tumor, and his adult son Patrick took his life two years ago.

But Ryan fights on. And he wants to fight for the people of Illinois.

Click here to visit the official Jim Ryan site. You'll find Ryan's Facebook group here, and you can follow his Tweets here.

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1 comment:

Steve Stevlic said...

I'm following your reasoning, I just have to disagree with your conclusion, John.

Chris Christie convicted over 100 politicians in NJ. He did not lose a single case. How many politicians did Jim Ryan put behind bars? Did he go after ANY politicians?

Not only did he not go after politicians, but he collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from people that are either in jail or about to go to trial.

Also, Ryan will not be able to connect with independent voters and tea partiers. He no-showed the Will County Tea Party Governor's forum on November 4 that 800 activists attended. The only other candidates that no-showed were Pat Quinn, Dan Hynes and Andy McKenna.

Jim Ryan is the wrong candidate, at the wrong time, from the wrong part of state's corrupt history.