Monday, October 19, 2009

British ObamaCare update: Capricious bureaucrats deny cancer treatment

This could be America in 2020.

But it's the horrible present in Great Britain. The Sun reports on the UK's government-run health care, the National Health Service:

A devastated wife slammed NHS bosses last night after her cancer-stricken husband was denied treatment which could extend his life. Doctors want to treat dad-of-two David Gladwin, 37, with new drug Avastin after chemo and radiotherapy failed to beat his brain tumour.

But the NHS Primary Care Trust in Barnsley, South Yorks, refused to provide the £1,800-a-time treatment, even though it is given to patients elsewhere in Britain with other cancers.

Wife Sarah is fighting the decision and said: "It's the National Health Service so how can they say 'Yes' to treatment in one town and 'No' in another?

"The drug isn't a cure but could give us extra time as a family. David doesn't have long left and it's terrible the NHS can snuff out our last hope."

Thanks go out to Marathon Pundit reader Vince of Chicago's Northwest Side for the graphic.

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