Monday, December 15, 2008

Punishing the Blago enablers, part one: Jan Schakowsky

My congresscritter, Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston) has made it clear that if there is a special election to fill Barack Obama's US Senate seat, she will run.

Politically, she resides on the far-Left of the political sphere, somewhere between Obama and Bill Ayers.

To my knowledge, Schakowsky, until last week, never denounced Blago.

But Schakowsky shares more than political affiliation with Blagojevich, they shared her husband (only up to a point), Robert Creamer.

While he was under federal investigation, Creamer (pronounced "Kramer") was Blago's campaign field director for the 2002 Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Dan Curry adds more:

Rod dropped Creamer after the 2002 primary but not because of ethical concerns. Something much worse in Rod's world: he sucked at politics.

Creamer was later indicted as a result of that federal investigation, which centered on instances of Creamer kiting checks while serving as executive director of a goo-goo group, the Illinois Public Action Council. He pleaded guilty in 2006, and served a five month prison term in the same institution where Blago's predecessor, George Ryan, is now incarcerated.

Although she was not accused of wrongdoing, Schakowsky served on the group's board of directors while Creamer was kiting those checks.

After his release from prison, Creamer wrote a book, and worked as a trainer in 2007 for Camp Obama. Change we can believe in? He regularly writes articles for the Huffington Post. In July, Schakowsky spoke to a group of Obama supporters at Chicago's Broadway Amory and discussed how to handle questions about Tony Rezko--while her ex-con husband camly walked the aisles of the hall.

Schakowsky and Creamer are not just a married couple, they're political partners.

Even if Creamer performed sucky work for Blago, he and his wife are Blagojevich enablers.

If Schakowsky runs statewide, voters can send a message of punishment to her--by voting for someone else.

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pathickey said...

A video tape featuring Leftie Jan snubbing or bully-ragging a 'non-sperson' - anyone who is not a 'somebody' would be a great start.

I have witnessed Jan's treatment of 'bugs' . . .'someone's secretary,' or 'adjunct personnel on a campaign,' the odd waitress and such . . .receive the Full benefit of Progressive magnminity.

Schakowsky has got to be seen to be belived. Like Paul Newman says in the Sting about Big Shot Lonigan . . .'We had him (her) when He (she) decided to be somebody.'

Roll the Tape!

Anonymous said...

Dems rul dems rule dems rule.
Republicans drool.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pundit as Dr. Evil.

Anonymous said...

Have a Bah Humbug Ebeneezer Pundit!

Anonymous said...

David Axelrod rules.

Greybeard said...

Anonymous cowers, anonymously.

yo said...

At this stage of the game, Alan Keyes may not have been such a bad guy, after all.

I know. He's insane; but, even so ...

I'm with Pat on Jan's attitude. I'm not saying that she's part of the Cee You Next Tuesday crowd; but, she ain't too far off.

As a legislator, she's a joke.

Anonymous said...

You're a brave Beard-O, that
travels with your pack of

Anonymous said...

Grow some jewels Mr. Ruberry!